Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

VillaJoye collects personal information from its website visitors from 5 different sections through "Reservation request", "Reservation information", "Contact", "E-mail newsletter membership", "Let us call you" forms. These information is limited to name, surname, email address, telephone number and IP address of the connection.


This personal information collected is stored on our servers rented from European-based data centers and data collection / transfer is carried out with 128-bit encryption with "Secure Sockets Layer" (SSL) technology on our website. With the help of SSL certificate and technology, this personal data is completely prevented from falling into the hands of 3rd parties.


Apart from the personal information provided directly by visitors on the VillaJoye website; Analytics, Adwords and Webmasters Tool services offered by Google also collect various direct non-personal visit data such as IP address, country, province and region information, session duration on the site and device information used during the visit. This data does not include name, surname, e-mail and telephone information. This personal information collected by VillaJoye is definitely not shared with 3rd party companies, persons or organizations.


No other personnel other than the reservation team can access customer and visitor information through the management panel of the VillaJoye website. Each user has their own login details and personal information is protected by department-based access restriction. Only the reservation team can access to control and manage the flow of reservation transactions, current bookings and customer information.


Personal information collected and stored by VillaJoye will be shared with the official authorities in case the visitor damages the site, makes attempts to damage the site, its data and commercial activity, and engages in insulting, insulting and / or threatening behavior to VillaJoye companies, brands and employees.


The personal data of our guests who visit the VillaJoye website and / or receive services will be shared with the relevant institutions and organizations upon request from the official authorities in cases where we are legally or administratively obliged to notify or provide information, such as the fight against crime by the official authorities, the threat of state and public security.

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