Dear Holiday Home Owners

VillaJoye | Rental Holiday Homes

Do you have a holiday home that you want to rent out?

If you have a holiday home that you do not use or use for a short time, let's work together. Let's advertise your holiday home on your behalf.

Thus, your holiday home will not be idle. You will also have the opportunity to meet new people by earning additional income with daily / weekly / monthly / yearly rental.

With the income you will earn, you can have your holiday home maintained if necessary. You will both get rid of the costs of your villa and earn additional income.

Work with us and we will lighten your workload.

It is free to advertise on our site. No membership process is required. You can contact us by entering your information via the "Let's Call You" menu on our home page or via our "Whatsapp" at the bottom left. Our customer representatives will contact you and request the necessary information and photos. Our customer representatives will carry out transactions such as adding and editing adverts on your behalf.

Our customer representatives will contact you to clarify the suitability of the dates and any additional questions after meeting with the customers. If your villa is available on the requested dates, they inform the customers and finalise the reservation by taking the deposit payments. After the finalized reservation, customer information is sent to you. 

You only need to greet the customer at the entrance and deliver your holiday home in a clean way for them to have a pleasant holiday.

VillaJoye | Rental Holiday Homes

VillaJoye | Rental Holiday Homes

Our marketing and evaluation process

The published advertisements are started to be published on our website after the control of our marketing team.

The adverts of our holiday homes are also started to be published on instagram, facebook, youtube, google, etc.

After the check out, our customers are requested to evaluate their accommodation and their comments and these are published transparently in our system

Responsibilities of the Holiday Home Owner

Advertisement Creation

The information requested from the villa owners must be accurate and clear so as not to cause misunderstanding, and the photographs must contain real images without photo montage. Otherwise, if the information and images are incorrect and misleading, holiday home owner knows and accepts that the responsibility arising will belong to it.

The holiday home owner must provide complete information about the return conditions if the customer wishes to use the right of withdrawal.

VillaJoye staff, after publishing the advertisement, shares the relevant link with the holiday home owner and request them to check it. After the holiday home owner checks and approves the photos, information and prices, the advertisement is opened for publication.

What needs to be done

The villa owner must make compulsory and essential insurance transactions such as earthquake insurance of the residence. Damages that prevent the use of the holiday home should be repaired before the rental period.

It should be ready for the use of the customer as clean and well-maintained as specified in the advertisements. Mandatory identity notifications must be made by the holiday home owner after check-in time of the customer.

Deposit, Service Fee and Remaining Amount Payments

VillaJoye finalises the reservation by taking the deposit amount determined by the holiday home owner from the customer to finalise the reservation. Villa Joye informs about the deposit, additional cleaning fee, if any, etc. both the customer and the holiday home owner.

VillaJoye collects the service fee at the rate and the manner agreed with the holiday home owner.

Optional Transactions

The holiday home owner can make a rental agreement with the customer in check-in date. The terms and obligations of this contract are between the customer and the holiday home owner. VillaJoye is not a party or responsible for this contract. If the holiday home owner will request a rental agreement, he/she should inform the customer by asking us to share it in the advertisement information.

The holiday home owner can prepare an inventory list of materials, equipment and fixtures in the holiday home, check them with the customer in check-in date and sign it mutually and declare to the customer that the checks will be made on the same list in check-out date.

Check-out Transactions

The damage control of the holiday home during check-out is the responsibility of holiday home owner.

If there is a list of fixtures declared to the customer during the check-in, the holiday home owner checks with the customer. If there is missing or damaged equipment, it is covered from the damage deposit received in check-in date and the remaining deposit amount is returned to the customer.

VillaJoye is not responsible for damages such as theft etc that may occur in the holiday home.

After the check-out, cleaning and maintenance for the next reservation is done by the holiday home owner and kept ready for the next customer.

VillaJoye | Rental Holiday Homes