Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The list of frequently asked questions is below. For questions other than these questions, you can contact us via Whatsapp.

How can I make a reservation?

You can request us to offer you our holiday home options via Whatsapp by providing the number of people and the dates you plan to stay. After determining your holiday home that meets your criteria on our website, you can calculate the prices for the dates you will stay in the "Price Calculation" section. After calculation, click on the "Reservation" button and fill in the necessary information in the form and our sales team will contact you. Prepayment rates vary on holiday home basis. (Mostly it is 30%). After deciding on your holiday home, we get confirmation from our holiday home owner for the last time for the availability and price confirmation of the dates you will stay. After confirmation, we send you our form which includes prepayment, remaining payment and deposit etc. from Whatsapp and ask you to check it. After your check, we ask you to send the prepayment to the specified account until the time specified in the form expires. After the prepayment, we ask you to send us your e-mail address with your receipt. After all these steps, we send the form containing the reservation information to your e-mail address and your Whatsapp.

How many people can we stay in the holiday home we will rent?

The maximum number of people who can stay in our holiday homes is included in the adverts. The factor that determines the number of people is the number of beds in the houses. The owners of some of our houses may also allow sleeping on the armchairs in the living rooms. We need to confirm with our holiday home owner before booking whether the seats in the living room can be used as a sleeping place or not. Otherwise, more than the maximum number of people specified in the advertisements will not be accepted to our holiday homes.

Are the prices in the adverts per person?

No, the prices in the adverts are not prices per person, but the prices of the holiday home.

Are there food and beverage services in holiday homes?

Unless otherwise stated in the advertisements, there is no food and beverage service in any of our holiday homes. Each holiday home has kitchens with sufficient equipment. You can make your own shopping and use our kitchens or you can meet your eating and drinking needs with takeaway services from outside.

How can we reach to the holiday homes?

Our advertisements contain the approximate locations of our holiday homes. After your booking is finalised, you will maintain all communication with us until 1 week before your arrival date. 1 week before your arrival, we will share the contact details of our holiday home owner with you and ask you to confirm by calling them. When you meet with our holiday home owner, you can plan your access to our holiday homes by asking them for the exact location.

What is included in the prices?

In most of our villas; Electricity costs, water costs, internet costs, daily pool and garden maintenance, first cleaning before entering the holiday home, bottled gas costs are included in the prices. Although rare, some of these expenses may not be included in the prices. Those not included are included in the adverts. For this reason, we recommend that the advertisement information is fully examined before finalising the reservation.

What is not included in the prices?

Food and beverage services, cleaning during the stay in the holiday home and transport to holiday homes are not included.

Is there an age limit for accommodation?

Guests under 18 years of age can stay in our holiday homes accompanied by a parent. Otherwise, no guest under the age of 18 can stay in our holiday homes. If it is seen that this situation is violated in the identity declarations during the entrance to the holiday homes, guests under the age of 18 will not be accepted to the holiday homes.

Will we pay an additional fee for heating in holiday homes with heated pools?

In most of our holiday homes with heated pools, an additional daily heating fee is requested. These additional costs are included in the details of the adverts. In some of our holiday homes, heating costs may be included in the price. This information is also included in the advert details.

Why is the deposit fee charged?

The deposit fees stated in the adverts are the fees that the holiday home owners receive for precautionary purposes in order to cover the damages in case of possible damage. Home owners check for damage as soon as you check out. If there is no damage, they return the deposits to our guests without interruption. If the deposit received cannot cover the damage, the home owners can also demand the difference from our guests.

What are the Minimum Rental Periods?

There are minimum rental periods determined periodically in our holiday homes and reservations are not approved below these periods. Our guests can make a reservation for under the minimum rental periods only for the days that remain available. You can see these available periods in the advertisement calendars.

What is Additional Cleaning Fee?

Our holiday home owners may request an additional cleaning fee for requests under the minimum rental periods. The minimum rental periods and additional fee information is available in the adverts.

What are the check-in and check-out hours?

Generally, check-in times are 16:00 at the earliest and check-out times are 10:00 at the latest. In some holiday homes, these hours may vary. The entrance and exit times of each holiday home are included in the advert details. During the time between check-out and check-in times, our holiday homes are cleaned and prepared for the next guests.

What should we bring with us?

In the adverts of our holiday homes, the equipment in the house is specified in the "House Features" section. You can decide what you need to bring with you by making the necessary checks from this section. We try to keep this information as up-to-date as possible. However, some of our homeowners may remove some equipment (due to deterioration, loss, etc.) from their holiday homes and may skip informing us. For this reason, we recommend that you inform us about the features in this "House Features" section that are essential for you before finalising the reservation. In this way, we will confirm whether our home owners have those equipment or not.

How do fully sheltered holiday homes mean?

Our holiday homes whose garden and pool are not visible from the outside are in this category. However, no holiday home guarantees 100% invisibility from the outside. If this issue is very important to you, please inform us before deciding on the holiday home, we will inform the owner of the house you have chosen about the sensitivity of this issue and we will make a more detailed inquiry about whether the garden and pool of the house can be seen from the outside or not.

Can We Trust the Truthfulness of Guest Reviews?

We send a form to our guests staying in our holiday homes to rate and comment on the holiday home and VillaJoye after their check-out. Comments entered in this form are also included in the adverts. We also send a link to our Google company account so that they can comment. Our purpose here; 1-We evaluate the service we provide as VillaJoye, determine the points where we can improve ourselves and take measures accordingly. 2-To evaluate the holiday homes and homeowners in our portfolio, to take the necessary measures and to provide you with a more peaceful holiday service. For this reason, every comment is published unchanged and are real guest comments. We only check before publishing the comments whether there is an immoral behaviour or not. You can review all our guest comments from our "VillaJoye" company account on Google. You can also see both our guest comments and the accounts of our guests who made that comment from the #villajoyeyorum tag on Instagram, and you can ask them about us.

What should we do if we have a problem during our holiday?

We choose our holiday homes with a great care. For us, a peaceful holiday for you is first and foremost. For this reason, the attitude of our home owner is as important as our holiday home. It is our home owners who will take care of you during your stay. In all your problems, you can meet with them as a priority. If you have a dispute with the owners, you can contact us 24/7. At this point, as "VillaJoye", our duty will be to solve the problem by listening to both sides.

Can we bring a pet friend?

Unfortunately, not all of our holiday homes can accept pets. You can see our holiday homes that accept pet friends by selecting the relevant category. Our team, which has a deep love for pet friends, makes an extra effort to increase the number of holiday homes that accept pet friends.
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