What is a Cookie?

Cookies are text files that are saved on your mobile device or computer when you visit our site on desktop devices and mobile devices. Cookies usually save some simple data such as lifetimes, site names and similar simple data for the content of the site.

What do we use cookies for?

We use cookies for purposes such as easier access and use of our website, faster opening of the pages and advertisements you have visited before on your next visits.

We also use cookies to collect statistical information about site usage in order to understand how our visitors use our website, to improve the usability and design of our website.

Which Types Do We Use?

1- Persistent Cookies

These are files that we use to remember your preferences on our website and remain stored on your mobile or desktop device even when you close and reopen your browser or device. We use these cookies to analyse visitor behaviour. We track information such as our most frequently visited adverts and the number of visits, the country and city information of our visitors in order to improve the functionality of our site and the quality of our adverts. These cookies are also used to provide advertising services and to measure site functionality and advertising effectiveness.

2- Third Party Cookies

We may allow the "Google advertising platform", the "Facebook" and "Instagram" social media platforms and the "Google Analytics" analytical information collection system to store cookies on our behalf on the devices of visitors to our website. Please review the privacy policies and cookie policies of "Google Analytics", "Google Adwords", "Google Adwords", "Google Webmasters Tools", "Facebook" and "Instagram" to learn more about these cookies and to get detailed information on how to control cookies.

How to delete cookies?

Most Internet browsers are automatically set to accept cookies. You can cancel the automatic acceptance of cookies or you can adjust the cookie settings in your internet browser settings to warn you when cookies are sent. You can find how to adjust your browser cookie settings in the help section of the browser you use, in the descriptions and instructions on the website.

Disabling cookies does not adversely affect your browsing and transactions on our site, you will not see missing or incorrect information. Only the opening speed of some pages may slow down. When you want to reuse the forms you have filled out before, your form data will not come automatically.

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